Natural Textiles Moving the Past Forward
Reimagining Local Fashion
TELA Serye the S and T Agenda

Building a Conscious Community for Sustainability
Sustainable Systems in Business
Sustainable Design Circularity in Fashion and Textiles
Life Cycle Analysis
Philippine Ecolabelling Program
Circular Economy in the Furniture and Home Decor Industry
Journey Towards Circular Fashion
Waste Management and Circular Economy
ZBO for Business Presentation
Green Product Standards
Circular Economy Strategies for Developing Countries

2018 Regional Science & Technology Week Bohol, Region VII
DOST PTRI Inclusive Innovation i2TELA Program
Gawang Pilipinas, Galing Pilipinas!
World Ikat Textiles Symposium & Exhibition Khom Kaen, Thailand, December 4-7, 2018
Focus Group Discussion on Textile Industry in Region 02
Green Wardrobe Forum Unstitch Fashion and Sustainability Fair
Rethinking, Philippine, Fashion
Making Futures: People, Place, Meaning - Crafting Worlds & Social Making
Rethinking Philippine Textiles: Gawang Pilipinas, Galing Pilipinas RYPIC Inauguration, 06 Nov 2019

DOST-PTRI REwear Face Mask: The Smart Protective Barrier to Reduce the Risk of Respiratory Infections

From New to Now: Pandemic Mitigation Experiences Sharing

The TELA Model Sustainable Textile Development with Bamboo Textiles R&D and Innovation

DOST-PTRI Testing Services
Geosynthetics Testing Part 1
Geosynthetics Testing Part 2

Current Status of Industry Development in Pineapple Leaf Among Other Philippine Natural Textile Fibers

Philippine Natural Textiles: Pineapple Leaf Fiber-based Materials

Designing for Infinity : Dialogues on Circularity

Development of a Prototype Sizing System using a 3D body Scanning Technology: A Precursor to a National Sizing System (SizePH)

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